• Student Debt: Crippling for All Ages and Not Going Away Soon

    Student debt is morphing into a multi-trillion-dollar problem for the U.S. – and while many think it’s a young-person’s problem, it is anything but. According to research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, older age brackets are also drowning in debt.  

  • Off of Unemployment Island but the Waters Still Rough

    While the number of long-term jobless people is still searing, there is some hope: the six graduates of the Platform to Employment Program that we followed over the last year all now have jobs.

  • Forgotten Americans: Can Anyone Rescue the Long-Term Unemployed?

    If you’re stranded on "unemployment island," as one long-term unemployed person calls it, the chance of a rescue is depressingly slim.

  • The American Factory Revival: Not a Manufactured Hope

    Is there a manufacturing resurgence in the U.S., or is the “Made in America” rebound no more than anecdotal? One economist says unequivocally that a revival is under way.

  • How Housing for the Chronically Homeless May Actually Save Taxpayers Money

    Campaigns like 100,000 Homes argue that it is significantly cheaper to house this vulnerable group of people than to leave them homeless.

  • Generation Wait and Its Implications

    With U.S. mobility at a 50-year low, more young Americans than ever are holding off on major decisions that earlier generations made sooner.

  • Hurt and Hidden: Out of Work for More than 99 Weeks

    A tale of two men: Both worked more than three decades, lost their jobs in 2009, and were out of work for more than 99 weeks. Now there’s just one difference: Only one rejoined the workforce.

  • Female Entrepreneurship Growing Faster Then Ever

    Women are pushing themselves out of the shadows today and taking their entrepreneurial talents to the forefront, according to recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau. 

  • Struggling for Solutions to Combat Vicious Long-Term Unemployment Crisis

    Private efforts to combat the plight of millions of Americans desperate to get back in the workforce are seeing some results, but the issue remains largely ignored by Washington.

  • How Animal Farms Create a New World for People with Autism

    While both schools we looked at who are doing work in this field were vastly underfunded, they continue to plow through, and generate incredible social benefit in their wake.